what spring does to cherry trees

i'm in my hometown for the moment, trying to create new priorities that doesn't involve love. i was planning to go to guangzhou with alex (who is always careful and patient when he touches me) but it was cancelled because of the bird flu so for now i won't live in a light coat or go to the lianhua mountain which, alex says, has 100,000 lotus that peeks during spring.

instead, i got an internship in an art gallery which consists of transcribing and translating catalogues. most days, i work in their rooftop lawn and google things like "extinct birds of pacific oceans". for my past time, i've been soaking curtains which started as spring cleaning, it's not at all like the task i used to hate as youngin, much better than seeing my therapist.

i sent you a text, "don't forget to spend the 20th of june 2013 with your beloved since it's the last day of the astronomical spring and it'll all fall apart from this point on." it's funny how the more you love, the more lonely you feel.

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